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5x How Practicing Yoga Reduces Stress

Yoga — 16 APR. 2019

Living and working in Amsterdam, it’s all fun and games right? Yes, we love the rush, the tingling of the tram and the never ending city buzz. But we do believe it’s very necessary to give yourself some well deserved city-breaks from time to time. Sounds good? Then keep reading for some inside info about our classes and many worthwhile mindfulness tricks, to make you feel perfectly relaxed in the big small city of Amsterdam.

Day to day tricks

Let’s relax for a little bit. Turn off your music, put all snacks aside and turn on your focus. Take three deep breaths. Feels good? With a few small corrections you can create a little break in your day-to-day buzz. Let alone what a Hot Power Yoga class does to you.


Hot Yoga classes have positive effects in both physical and mental sense. First of all, the heat helps to dispose all that we call ‘waste materials’. Also, because of the warm environment, your muscles warm up quickly, which makes it easier to get into the right posture. Not flexible at all? No worries, you will get better. After a few Core Flow classes, the Asanas will flow just as easily as all the mindless phone-scrolling. And feel WAY better.

It’s all in the breath

Breathe in.. and exhale. Nothing feels better than a deeep breath. Feeling a little stressed out? Then you often breathe high from the chest. Feeling relaxed? Then your breath automatically comes more from the belly. Yoga helps you to listen to your breath and teaches you what it says about how you feel. By focusing on your abdominal breathing, your yoga practice will get easier. It’s all in the mind. And breath. There you go, a free mindfulness-trick that you should apply much more often in everyday life.

Clearing the Mind

A good Hot Power Yoga class has many positive effects on your day-to-day mindset. “How can one sweat this much, so soon” or, “what is the fastest way from my mat to the door”, are perfectly normal thoughts during your first class. We’ve all been there. The better you’ll learn to cope with the heat, the more resistant you’ll become to annoying obstacles in everyday life. You’re welcome.


Yoga will gladly bring you back to your carefree childhood days. Welcome some Childposes and Happy Baby poses in your life, and you’ll no longer have to be secretly jealous of all the kids rolling around in their buggies all day. And because relaxation exercises are just as important as powerful Asanas, you’ll finish each Equal Yoga class with a Savasana. A complete relaxation for body and mind. Another great counterpart to the Amsterdam buzz.

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See you soon, online or in class 👋🏽