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5X Why Morning Meditation is the Way to Go

Yoga — 16 APR. 2019

You snooze you lose
Many of us have the strange habit of liking the sound of their alarm so much, they repeat it as many times as possible before eventually rolling out of bed. Yes, we feel you and no you’re not alone. Surprisingly, this is not the most relaxing way to start the day. Did you know that when falling back to sleep after the first snooze, you usually end up feeling more tired than the first time you woke up? Instead of activating the non-stop mind race right away, try setting aside 15 minutes before your actual day starts. Sit down on your bed and let go of any thoughts coming your way. New in this? Start with five mins and work your way up.

Meditation for breakfast
Meditation activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which brings you in a deep state of relaxation and clarity. Next time you wake up feeling very tired and very in need of coffee, embrace those meditating minutes. You’ll get energy-boosting endorphins that’ll help you spring to life without having to rely fully on your second morning coffee.

Bring on the day
When making your way into the magical world of meditation, you’ll find that it brings you into a “flowy” state of mind. Which makes it easier to cope with change throughout the day. Unexpected traffic jam? No problem. Someone cuts you off on the bike? All good. For men, morning meditation helps to increase the testosterone levels, which results in stronger muscles and more energy while working out. Plus, your work-out gives you more satisfaction as you’re well rested and less stressed. All a by-product of morning meditation. Need more reasons guys?

Fight stress, meditate!
Meditation is the natural kryptonite to stress, with the pleasant side effects of increasing happiness, better sleep, and more creativity. If there ever was a perfect solution to dissolving stress, it would be daily morning meditation.

Change starts here and right now

Robbert - Equal Teacher

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